Quality Assurance

Every three years, our peers, specially trained CPAs from other firms, examine our quality controls. The results of these reviews, called quality review reports, are available to the public. Public disclosure is a serious commitment to overall excellence, and it accurately reflects the degree of our commitment.

We are pleased to announce that we received an unqualified report on our latest review, meaning that our firm adheres to the most rigorous criteria of our profession for CPA firms. We have also undergone required training to perform peer reviews of other firms on behalf of the AICPA.

Mandatory Training

Our professional staffs are required to maintain an average of 40 hours of CPE per year by attending or participating in continuing education programs – courses offered by the AICPA, state societies, universities, and in-house training. In addition, auditors who are responsible for planning, directing, conducting or reporting on government related audits are required to maintain at least 24 hours of CPE every two years that specifically relate to government accounting and auditing.  We review the records of participation by our staff to determine compliance with firm requirements on a bi-weekly basis.

All members of our audit team comply with or exceed the Profession’s as well as the Government Auditing Standards’ continuing education and professional development requirements.

Internal Quality Control

Our firm has developed a quality assurance program in accordance with the Statement of Quality Control Standards issued by the AICPA Quality Control Standards Committee. We provide ongoing assurance that our work meets applicable AICPA and Government Auditing Standards and that all relevant guidelines have been followed during field work. We routinely conduct internal inspections of work that is performed. We carefully screen prospective staff members. We continually check for independence, and demand close supervision of all engagements.

Independent Technical Reviews

To provide assurance that our audit product meets the highest professional standards of quality, each audit report and selected workpapers are reviewed by an independent quality control reviewer or by a partner who is not directly associated with the engagement or engagements.