Experience and Expertise to Serve Our Community

Who We Serve

We work with a wide range of different industries, businesses, and professionals, providing them all consistent service. We take pride in our experience and expertise that help individuals and businesses grow and thrive.


We are familiar with the overwhelming details that come in to play for retail businesses. Our team members are here to help you control, organize, and make sense of each transaction and customer.

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At Wei, Wei & Co., LLP, we know each restaurant is unique and needs a customized plan to develop an effective strategy, manage the business, and improve profitability. Your restaurant needs a specialist that has a deep understanding of and experience in your industry. Wei, Wei & Co., LLP has helped many restaurants grow strong financial roots.

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Imports / Exports / Wholesale

Wei, Wei & Co., LLP offer relevant expertise in accounting, tax, receivables management, inventory control, gross margin, overhead and throughput analysis and business advisory services in an area that is highly specialized and dynamic wholesale distribution and its related industries.

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Non-Profit Organizations

We are honored to assist non-profits in their journey to change the world. Big or small we offer a variety of services to lighten the load and allow you to continue to make an impact.

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Real Estate

Wei, Wei & Co., LLP provides comprehensive services for variety of real estate-related businesses and organizations. Our team of dedicated professionals has been specially trained and has thorough understanding of capital and operational issues that real estate companies face.

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Professional Services

At Wei Wei & Co., LLP we are always looking to learn, advance, and evolve. Our professional services offer you the opportunity to expand your horizons. With over 30 years of experience, we are confident we can lead you in the right direction.

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State and Local governments tend to face many regulations. When facing the hurdles of specialized tax and audit rules, it can be hard to find the right people to successfully provide those services. At Wei Wei & Co., LLC, we take pride in our expertise within the governmental industry.

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Digital Assets

While digital assets is a newer industry, our highly trained professionals are prepared to help you navigate the confusing terrain. We are up to date in the many shifting policies both domestically and internationally.

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